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Savvy investors looking to quickly build a successful commercial real estate investment business should consider a hard money loan as an option. When first starting out in the commercial real estate business, you may not have a significant amount of assets, but you most likely own some commercial real estate property. And the property that you already own is key. read more

Since the financial crisis hit, the commercial real estate market has benefitted from approximately eight years of growth. However, data from Trepp, a company that tracks the performance of securitized mortgages, has shown that the delinquency rate on commercial real estate loans is increasing. read more

There are few industries out there today in which gender roles haven't shifted dramatically since the 1970s and 1980s. While commercial real estate hasn't been immune to these changes, it is still a field largely dominated by men. Although female brokers are now prevalent in the residential real estate market, women are not as dominant a presence in the commercial real estate industry. read more

An area where hard money can be helpful is in getting a loan quickly against a multi-family property. Multi-family properties provide a great investment opportunity because the amount paid in rent typically far exceeds the cost of mortgage and upkeep. Whether you're seeking out a residential complex with commercial spaces or an apartment building, you can use hard money loans to finance your purchase. read more

2016 had some surprises that are sure to impact the commercial real estate industry and the economy as a whole in 2017. The United States economy continues to grow moderately and add jobs. The unemployment rate is also decreasing and there have been continuous employment gains. This has led to the higher demand for housing, office space, retail spaces, and industrial and distribution facilities. read more

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