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Purchased in 2015 for approximately $9 million, the sponsor has since invested an additional $6 million in improvements. Avatar's loan refinanced the existing debt, provided $3 million of cash out to the Borrower and funded an additional $1 million of improvements to the property. read more

Our Sponsor purchased the properties with numerous outstanding violations from the city. In addition our sponsor assumed the existing debt on the property which had come due. Avatar's loan allowed the borrower to refinance the existing debt, resolve the outstanding violations with the city and provide $454K for additional rehabilitation to the property. read more

Our borrower was under contract to purchase this vacant office building in Santa-Fe, NM. While under contract our borrower responded to a Request For Proposal from... read more

The subject properties were developed to provide student housing for Eastern New Mexico University... read more

Our Borrower purchased the property for $2,400,000 in October of 2018. The purchase was all cash and... read more

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