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An area where hard money can be helpful is in getting a loan quickly against a multi-family property. Multi-family properties provide a great investment opportunity because the amount paid in rent typically far exceeds the cost of mortgage and upkeep. Whether you're seeking out a residential complex with commercial spaces or an apartment building, you can use hard money loans to finance your purchase. read more

2016 had some surprises that are sure to impact the commercial real estate industry and the economy as a whole in 2017. The United States economy continues to grow moderately and add jobs. The unemployment rate is also decreasing and there have been continuous employment gains. This has led to the higher demand for housing, office space, retail spaces, and industrial and distribution facilities. read more

How much better (or worse) could a Trump administration end up being for the commercial real estate industry? The commercial real estate industry has long played a major role in the local and national political landscape but the relationship between these two realms has never become more intertwined than today, after a commercial real estate developer with little political experience won the presidential election. read more

As a mortgage broker, you work with a variety of clients who are looking to purchase or refinance both commercial and residential real estate. While some clients qualify for traditional financing, others may require a more specialized approach outside a bank's tight lending parameters. read more

Establishing lending relationships is a crucial part of succeeding as a commercial and residential property investor. In major metropolitan areas, there is a wealth of real estate opportunity, from multifamily units, to hotels, to commercial and retail property. Timing is essential in a highly competitive real estate market. read more

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