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Jan 19

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How much better (or worse) could a Trump administration end up being for the commercial real estate industry? The commercial real estate industry has long played a major role in the local and national political landscape but the relationship between these two realms has never become more intertwined than today, after a commercial real estate developer with little political experience won the presidential election. read more

Nov 07

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As a mortgage broker, you work with a variety of clients who are looking to purchase or refinance both commercial and residential real estate. While some clients qualify for traditional financing, others may require a more specialized approach outside a bank's tight lending parameters. read more

Sep 26

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Establishing lending relationships is a crucial part of succeeding as a commercial and residential property investor. In major metropolitan areas, there is a wealth of real estate opportunity, from multifamily units, to hotels, to commercial and retail property. Timing is essential in a highly competitive real estate market. read more

Aug 17

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Hard money loans, also known as bridge loans, are short-term loans secured by real estate. They are an alternative to traditional mortgage loans. read more

Dec 03

Good Idea

Speed up closings with this simple but important tip. read more

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